is an interactive learning experience for growers, consultants, extension educators, and post-secondary students teaching fundamental concepts related to resistance management strategies for the corn rootworm. These modules teach science-based concepts related to current knowledge on corn rootworm biology, behavior, IPM strategies, resistance management strategies, and population genetics through modern mobile, Web 2.0, and adaptive learning approaches.

These modules are open to all learners wanting more information about resistance management in corn rootworms. These modules may be taken for crop consultant continuing education credit through the companion site at 

Learning outcomes for growers included

  • Understanding of basic principles of resistance management and IPM in the corn rootworm system
  • The ability to assess corn rootworm damage to determine immediate and future farming practices
  • Application of science-based resistance management practices on their farms

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 Behavioral outcomes for consultants, extension educators, seed salespersons, and industry agronomists

  •        Use project’s educational tools to educate growers on resistance management issues
  •        Use educational tools in the field for informing management decisions
  •        Participate in Mini-Open Online Course for continuing education credits

Learning objects from may be used in non-modified form for not-for-profit use. Please contact for more information about specific use of items at

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